GettingTo Know Me

Client dos

  1. references

  2. Always call me, because I would like to speak to whomever I'm going to be meeting up with. ​

  3. Shower me with gifts! I wear a size 8 shoe  and a size 6 in clothes, I also like lingerie and perfume, 

  4. Maintain good hygiene.

  5. Be on time.

  6. Provide the place the first time we meet.​​

  7. write reviews

  8. Have your donation ready so I can collect it at the beginning of the appointment

  9. visit our sister site.

Monique started with a single purpose: to make clients in Eastern Washington feel better than they ever have. The company has a full-service enterprise that specializes in erotic massage and escort services.

Blackbook Entertainment is where everyone can come in and get exactly what they desire.  


Client dont's

Cancellation pol

Our Cancellation Policy . We require that you give us at least 6 hrs notice for all appointments  made prior to the day of the appointment . If it is a same day appointment .We require at least 30 min notice . Failing to do so could result in a forfeiture of your deposit or you could be required to pay a cancellation fee of 75$ before you will be allowed to use our services again.


Show up at my place of residence with being giving prior consent.


Text me if I have never talked to you before always call before texting.


Waste my time. if you can't make it just give a call to let me know so I can make other arrangments.

Upscale escorts located in the beautiful palm springs of Washington, Yakima Wa.